Book 2: How To Train Your Memory by Phil Chambers

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Welcome to Book 2 of Readers Club: How To Train Your Memory by Phil Chambers. The Readers Club Series is designed to be educational with bite-sized knowledge to improve your life! Let’s explore the various learning takeaways from How To Train Your Memory!

How To Sustain Memories

Take a break

Never work for more than 45 minutes in 1 sitting. Take breaks of at least 5 to 10 minutes to relax the mind, without discussing the topic or being busy with other information such as using your phone.

Theory Of Forgetting

Your ability to remember can be affected by various factors such as stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, difficulty of the topic, etc.


Studies have shown that after 5 reviews at appropriate intervals, information will be transferred to long-term memory for life! Revisit the information at the suggested intervals and recommit them to memory.

The suggested 5 intervals are:

10 minutes
1 day
1 week
1 month
3 months

Different Types Of Memory

There are 2 main types of memory: Semantic and Episodic. Semantic memory involves knowing factual information such as facts, concepts, and ideas. Episodic memory involves remembering events from the past, a recollection of particular life experiences. Our brain remembers episodic memory better than semantic memory. This means that even if we try our best, there’s a chance that we won’t remember facts very well without the right techniques.

Creation Of Episodic Memory

To remember semantic information better, you need to learn how to process semantic information into episodic memory. By associating semantic information with different places and things, you will be able to create your very own memory palace that you can later come back to search for information stored.

Experts such as memory champions use this technique to remember quickly and accurately…



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